Empowering African communities in Victoria

The African Communities Action Plan was developed by and for Victoria’s African communities.

Victorian African Communities Action Plan Opportunities

Read about the opportunities to get involved - the Community Innovation Grant Program and the Community Employment Brokers Program.

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The action plan has been developed for Victoria’s African communities by Victoria’s African communities. Its development was led by the African Ministerial Working Group (AMWG), a diverse group of 22 people of African heritage, from October 2016 to February 2018.

During this time, hundreds of people across Victoria’s African communities gave their views and opinions to help shape the plan. The Action Plan responds to well-known issues, and aims to uplift and support people to make decisions that improve their lives.

Communities playing a leading role

The action plan asks people in Victoria’s African communities to own, lead and be part of solutions. It needs cooperation, resources, expertise, knowledge and know-how to create lasting change. The action plan also asks governments, as well as the civil, private, academic, philanthropic sectors, to think about how they can work more closely with African communities to help improve wellbeing.

The action plan is supported by 4 key principles:

  • use community talents and know-how
  • be accountable
  • work in partnership
  • focus on creating lasting change

Working for lasting change

The action plan proposes more than 250 actions across 6 focus areas. The suggested actions aim to create opportunities for all people to belong, contribute and thrive. The actions also build on work already being done by communities, governments and others to support people across Victoria’s African communities.

The 6 focus areas are:

  1. Business: Growing African Victorian innovation, enterprise and investment across the economy.
  2. Employment: Strengthening skills and pathways to gain meaningful jobs in all sectors.
  3. Education and training: Building stronger learning foundations and skills for life.
  4. Health and wellbeing: Lifting the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of all people.
  5. Inclusion and empowerment: Supporting people to be equal, treated fairly and with respect.
  6. Leadership, cohesion and connection: Contributing to a strong Victoria through effective leadership, cohesive communities and stronger connections across the broader society.

Read the Action Plan 

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Further information

For more information about the Victorian African Communities Action Plan contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet by emailing

Opportunities to get involved

Reviewed 17 March 2020

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