Multicultural grant recipient responsibilities

Your requirements and responsibilities as a successful multicultural grant recipient.

Every organisation that receives a grant must:

  • keep all financial records related to grant funding
  • complete an accountability report when all funding has been spent
  • submit your accountability report on time to
  • use the Victorian Government logo on all promotional material

What are grant accountability reports

Grant accountability reports:

  • detail how your organisation spent your awarded grant funding
  • ensure that funding is spent in line with each grant's program guidelines

Grant accountability report forms

Project variation form

If there are changes to your project, you need to let the Community Grants team know.

This might include:

  • changes to the budget
  • changes to the organisations involved
  • new venues
  • changes to the start or end date of the project

Complete a Project Variation Form and submit it to

Note: Access to SmartyGrants for online submission of accountability reports has closed.

Branding requirements 

Multicultural grants recipients must acknowledge funding from the Victorian Government. You can do this by placing the Victorian Government logo on all promotional materials.

See Brand Victoria Guidelines for direction on Victorian Government logo placement and to download logo files. 

Victorian Government logo

Overdue accountability reports

Program  Funding year  Due date

Multicultural Festivals and Events


1 July 2018

Multicultural Festivals and Events


1 July 2017

Senior Citizen Organisational Support 


31 January 2017
31 January 2018

Building and Facilities


31 August 2016

Community Languages Schools


31 August 2016

Interfaith and Multifaith


30 June 2016

Strengthening Multicultural Communities


31 August 2016

Organisational Support - Year 2

2016-2017 1 November 2016

Organisational Support - Year 1


31 August 2016

Multicultural Festivals and Events, Round 2


31 July 2016

Multicultural Festivals and Events, Round 1


30 June 2016

All former VMC Programs


30 June 2015

Reviewed 30 August 2019

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