Five-year evidence review (MARAM Framework and practice guides)

Find the latest news and information about the 5-year evidence review for Quarter 1 2023-24.

What is the 5-year evidence review?

The MARAM Framework was established in the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) in 2018. The Act requires five-yearly reviews of the MARAM (Section 194) to ensure it reflects current evidence and best practice. The first of these reviews has been underway since October 2022 (MARAM 5-Year Evidence Review), led by Allen & Clarke Consulting, and is currently in its final stages.

The first review is examining the Framework and key supporting resources, including victim survivor-focused MARAM Practice Guides and tools, published in 2019.

The review will:

  • assess whether the approved framework reflects the current best practice evidence for family violence risk assessment and family violence risk management

  • recommend if any changes are required to ensure the approved framework is consistent with those best practices.