MARAM maturity model

Find the latest news and information about the MARAM maturity model for Quarter 1 2023-24

What is the MARAM maturity model?

The MARAM maturity model will be a key supporting resource of the MARAM Framework. The model provides a means for organisations to self-assess their level of alignment to MARAM and help them take improving steps. It will sit alongside the MARAM Practice Guidance and Organisational Embedding Guide, which support organisations to understand what steps they should take to align with MARAM and provide guidance on risk assessment and management responsibilities.

What has been achieved so far?

Human-centred design consultant Paper Giant has built on early material developed by FSV to finalise research activities and co-designed maturity model resources in consultation with 8 Sector Champion organisations.

Three draft resources have now been produced as a result of these activities:

  • MARAM maturity model on a page

  • MARAM maturity model roadmap

  • Interactive self-assessment and action planner