MARAM non-accredited training

Find the latest news and information about MARAM non-accredited training for Quarter 1 2023-24.

What training is being developed?

FSV is continuing development of three Adults Using Family Violence (AUFV) training packages to support professionals across MARAM prescribed workforces. The training suite covers identification, intermediate and comprehensive responsibilities.

What has been achieved so far?

FSV has engaged No to Violence (NTV) to deliver the new training packages, and delivery of the identification-level training has commenced from this month (November 2023). NTV will deliver the three trainings in the AUFV- focused MARAM non-accredited training packages to support prescribed workforces and their practitioners as part of the MARAM Reform.

Following a series of subject matter expert workshops to develop Intermediate and Comprehensive resources, the draft training packages were shared with government departments and sector partners for review in September 2023.

In October the Comprehensive package was piloted with practitioners involved in the Serious Risk Pilot and in November the Intermediate package was piloted with government departments and sector partners.