Department of Health MARAM implementation

Find the latest news and information about Department of Health's MARAM implementation activities for Quarter 1 2023-24.

Support for Victoria's health services to align with MARAM AUFV practice guidance

The Department of Health has funded two dedicated project workers, based at Bendigo Health, to support public health services and hospitals to understand and incorporate MARAM AUFV guidance into their policies and practice. The project workers are known as the Adults using Family Violence Emerging Practice – Statewide Leads.

Early work focused on building connections with health services across Victoria to understand challenges they may face as they build capacity to respond to adults using family violence.

The Statewide Leads are now working to determine what types of training will best equip the diverse hospital workforces to observe narratives and behaviours that could indicate an adult may be using family violence, and to then share this information to support the assessment and management of family violence risk.

In the next phase of the project, workshops will be held with health services further support organisational and workforce alignment with MARAM AUFV practice guidance.

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