MARAM tools in TRAM - Predominant Aggressor Identification Tool

Find the latest news and information about MARAM tools in TRAM for Quarter 1 2023-24.

What is the TRAM?

Tools for Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM) has been developed by Family Safety Victoria as an online platform for use across the service system. TRAM contains the adult and child victim survivor MARAM risk assessments and safety plan, and in future it will host the remainder of the MARAM resources, currently in development. This platform is used across The Orange Door network and by some community agencies.

What is the Predominant Aggressor Identification Tool in TRAM?

The Predominant Aggressor Identification Tool will support specialist family violence services in their alignment to MARAM. The tool provides a structure to support the accurate identification of the predominant aggressor, using information sharing, direct assessment, and structured analysis.

The MARAM Adult Using Family Violence Comprehensive Assessment Tool was released onto TRAM in late 2022 for use by Specialist Perpetrator Intervention Services.

The MARAM Predominant Aggressor Identification tool has also been released for those agencies onboarded to TRAM.