People who can issue Orders

Information for principals and other people authorised to issue an order.

Who can issue Orders

School community safety orders can only be issued by ‘authorised persons’.

The following positions in schools, and those who work with schools, are considered authorised persons:

  • all Victorian school principals
  • for a government school, the following positions in the Department of Education and Training
    • the Secretary
    • the Deputy Secretary (Schools and Regional Services)
    • Regional Directors
  • for a non-government school, the proprietor of the school if the proprietor is an individual.

The Secretary of the Department of Education and Training may authorise any person or member of a class of person if:

  • they consider that they have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience and
  • they are associated with, or involved in, the administration or management of one or more schools.

The above list will be updated over time as additional people are authorised by the Secretary.

For a list of considerations that the Secretary may consider when deciding whether to authorise additional people, see the ‘Additional authorised persons’ section of the Ministerial Guidelines.

Form to request an additional authorisation of an authorised person

Application form to request authorisation
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