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Information for students

More information about School Community Safety Orders, what they mean for students and who they can talk to for support.

School Community Safety Orders

We all know that unkind and unsafe behaviour is not okay, and behaviour that stops teachers and students from being able to focus on learning is not okay either. 

What happens if an adult, like a parent or carer, behaves like this at your school? Your principal or another senior leader may be able to give them a School Community Safety Order (from here onwards, we will refer to this as an Order).

An Order sets out rules that need to be followed. The rules may be something like:

  • Don’t enter the school
  • Don’t approach, talk to or contact a teacher or school staff member
  • Don’t post on the school’s social media like their Facebook page.

Seeing and talking to my parent or carer if they are given an Order

An Order will never stop you from seeing or talking to your parent or carer. It may instead mean that there are rules around how much and how often they can come to your school or talk to your teacher, but this depends on the Order. Every Order has different rules, so ask your parent or carer if you want to know how they will impact you.

Going to school if your parent or carer has been given an Order

Your education is a top priority. Your school will always try and make sure you can go to school, even if your parent or carer has been given an Order.

School pick-up and drop-off if your parent or carer has been given an Order

If your parent or carer has been given an Order, it may mean that your school pick-up and drop-off arrangements may look a little different. Talk to your parent or carer to find out more about any new arrangements.

Telling people about your parent or carer’s Order

Worried that your school will tell your friends about your parent or carer’s Order? You don’t need to be. Your school will only tell teachers and other staff about an Order if they absolutely need to know about it, such as to give you support. You can tell your friends if you want to, but if you don’t want to, you can keep it to yourself.

If your friends bully or tease you because your parent or carer has been given an Order

Bullying is never ok. No one should be bullied or teased because their parent or carer has been given an Order. Being bullied can feel awful. There are some important things you should do if you are being bullied. You're not on your own.

Tell a teacher or someone at your school. It doesn't matter where it happens - in school, out of school or online, teachers want to stop bullying when they know about it. Talk to your mum or dad, one of your family, friend or someone else who you know will listen to you. Ask them to help you work out what to do. If things don't get better after you've told someone, tell them again or tell a different person. Refer to I'm being bullied for more information and support.

What could happen if your parent or carer doesn’t follow the rules in their Order

If your parent or carer doesn’t follow the rules in their Order, the school can try a range of things to make them follow these rules. If they still don’t follow the rules, your parent or carer may have to pay a fine or be required to follow them. They will never be jailed or get a criminal record as a result of an Order.

More information

If you would like more information, you can read other pages on School Community Safety Order or you can ask your parent/carer or the teacher you are closest to.