Ministerial Guidelines and templates

Statutory guidelines and templates for principals, school leaders and school staff.

Ministerial Guidelines

The Ministerial Guidelines (Guidelines) provides essential information and guidance for authorised persons and people who are involved with internal review of decisions made about school community safety orders.

The Guidelines are made under section 2.1A.37 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, and Part 2A of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017, and should always be read together with the relevant provisions of the Act and Regulations.

Authorised persons and reviewers must follow the Guidelines when making, varying or revoking a school community safety order. Although a decision made by an authorised person or a reviewer is not invalid just because they have not followed the Guidelines, this may be considered if the decision is appealed at internal or external review.

School Community Safety Order Scheme Ministerial Guidelines
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School Community Safety Order Scheme Ministerial Guidelines
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Templates are available for authorised persons to use to assist with complying with the requirements of the Scheme.

Templates are available to download from the Resources tab of the School Community Safety Orders Policy for government schools from 11 July 2022. These may be downloaded and used by non-government schools.