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Provide feedback about government schools or school staff

Find out the different ways you can provide feedback and key information to include.

How to provide compliments and suggestions

To help us send your feedback to the right person in the department and/or school, please make sure:

  • it is clear and concise
  • provides practical and realistic suggestion
  • is not already a department or school policy
  • it does not breach any privacy.

Ways to provide feedback

To provide feedback you can:

To help us action your feedback properly, include the following in your email:

  • Email subject line that explains the nature of your compliment or suggestion.
  • Description in the body of the email.
  • Set out your information as clearly as possible in the body of the email. You might like to include:
    • the name of the staff member and/or school
    • details of your positive experience
    • details of the suggested improvement and how it will benefit the school or the education and wellbeing of the staff and students
    • attach any documents to support the compliment or suggestion.

Key information to include

Let us know if you have passed on this compliment or feedback to anyone else.

Explain what action you would like us to take – for example, to pass on your compliment, consider a change to policy, etc.

If you would like a response

You don’t need to provide us with your personal details. If you would like a response, we will need your name and email address or phone number.

Raise a complaint or concern about your school

School complaints start with raising the issue with the school and trying to find a resolution. If more support is required, you can raise your complaint first with your local department office, then the department's central office.

For more information visit Raise a complaint or concern about your school.

Reviewed 22 December 2021

Department of Education and Training

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