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Short-Term Modular Housing

About Short-Term Modular Housing 

After a disaster, it's important for people to remain on their land and connected to their communities. It can help with recovery. Short-Term Modular Housing is a temporary accommodation option that allows people to live back on their property, in comfort, while they plan their rebuild. 

The homes come in modern and comfortable designs and can be customised to meet specific needs such as mobility access requirements. 

Short-Term Modular Housing gives people a safe and comfortable place to call home while they progress their permanent rebuild.  

Short-Term Modular Housing after the 2019–20 bushfires

The Short-Term Modular Housing program (STMH) was a temporary accommodation option for those who lost their primary place of residence in the 2019–20 Eastern Victorian bushfires. The program has provided safe and suitable homes to people while they rebuild. 

Registrations for the Short-Term Modular Housing program have closed.

If you have any questions, please call 1800 560 760 to speak with a recovery support worker.

Program highlights 

The program will deliver 82 houses, of which 61 have been delivered and are occupied, allowing residents to stay connected to their communities while they rebuild. Six of the 61 houses have been relocated from residents that have completed their rebuild.   

Stories from Short-Term Modular Housing recipients  

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to STMH. The program is designed to be affordable and flexible and to get property owners back on their land. We’ve worked with many families to make sure STMH was right for them. Read their stories below.  

Jeremy Sternson – hard to access site 

If getting a Short-Term Modular House on your land is challenging, we work with you to come up with a solution.  

After travelling between his land and his family’s rental property every day, the process of rebuilding had felt like it was in the 'too hard basket' for Jeremy Sternson.  

His mind was put at ease after a no-obligation visit from a property inspector. Jeremy was assured that while a few changes would need to be made to the house, they could work with the site.  

Their Short-Term Modular House was delivered by 2 cranes and 3 trucks, in 8 pieces, transported one at a time, along a narrow 4 km track. The home was then assembled, piece by piece, on-site for over 12 hours. 

The Sternson family moved back onto their land in time for the holidays last year and are planning their rebuild.  

Pictures provided by Jeremy Sternson. 



Leonie Cooke – payment options

The Short-Term Modular Housing program is designed to be affordable and to get people back on their land and in their communities.  

Our recovery support workers will connect you with locals like Leonie from Anglicare Financial Counselling who are here to help. 'We try to make it as painless and easy as possible. We are available and flexible.' 

'Twelve months down the track there is a lot of trauma. Getting into a Short-Term Modular Home can give you breathing space. You don’t need to have a plan or to know what to do right now. The home and financial peace of mind will give you the space to work out what you want to do. It can give you the space to think.'

You will be guided through a simple process to make sure that people who need Short-Term Modular Housing can access it at a fee that is affordable.    

Photo supplied by Leonie Cooke. 



Pictured: Leonie Cooke on the water’s edge.