Victorian Honour Roll of Women Program

Do you know a trailblazer, a local champion or a change agent? Celebrate their contribution by nominating them to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Announcement of Victorian Honour Roll of Women 2020 Inductees
Announcement of Victorian Honour Roll of Women 2020 Inductees

Our 2020 inductees

This year, we inducted 32 inspirational women from all walks of life to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Read about this year's inductees

In 2020, the Victorian Honour Roll of Women will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The Victorian Honour Roll of Women acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of women in Victoria. It’s one way that outstanding women leaders receive the recognition they deserve for their contributions.

Inductees come from all walks of life and have demonstrated inspirational leadership and excellence in their field.

Nominations for the 2020 Victorian Honour Roll of Women have now closed.

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Who can be nominated?

Since 2001, over 600 women have been honoured for their significant and lasting contribution to Victoria, Australia and beyond. They are recognised for their achievements in a broad range of activities, including science, arts, environment, law, social justice, research, health, media and education. Inductees have come from culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal communities.

You can nominate someone to the Honour Roll if they:

  • identify as a woman
  • have made a significant and lasting contribution at a local, state, national or international level
  • were born in Victoria, have spent a considerable part of their life in Victoria, or have made a significant contribution to Victoria

We encourage nominations of women from diverse communities, including Aboriginal women, women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those from the LGBTI community.

There are no age restrictions for nominees. Posthumous nominations are accepted.

Nomination categories

Nominate a woman in one of three categories:

  1. A trailblazer is an inspiring role model who effectively leads the way for women starting out in a traditionally male-dominated field – they may break new ground in their line of work. This category may include young women and women who challenge traditional gender stereotypes, attitudes and norms.

  2. A local champion is a dedicated member of their community. They have used their skills and expertise either in a voluntary or professional capacity.  A local champion may be an unsung hero, a woman whose substantive contributions are deserving of wider recognition.

  3. A change agent is a woman who has made an enduring commitment that has brought about significant and lasting change. They are renowned within their field of expertise and have lifted the visibility of women as subject matter experts. Through persistence and determination, a change agent shines a light on a particular cause, initiates much needed reforms or supports a shift in public perception.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate a woman to be included on the Honour Roll. The nominator must be familiar with the nominee’s work and be able to discuss their achievements in detail.

You can nominate an exceptional woman for the Victorian Honour Roll of Women by completing the online nomination form. Nominations for 2020 are open from 11 July to 15 September 2019.

Please make sure you discuss the nomination with the nominee and obtain their permission to be assessed as part of the Victorian Honour Roll of Women process.

What you need to nominate

Respond to the following key selection criteria in the online application:

  1. Outline the activities and achievements of the nominee.
  2. Describe how the activities and achievements of the nominee have made an exceptional contribution and the difference this has made to her community, field of work or endeavour.
  3. Describe how the achievements of the nominee have generated or will generate long-term benefits for the local, national or international community.

You will also need:

  • the contact details of two referees and accompanying letters of support
  • a recent photo of the nominee

You may also choose to provide additional documentation in support of the nomination.

Assessment process

Applications are assessed by an independent panel of women from the business, government and community sectors.

The panel then provides recommendations to the Minister for Women for her final decision.

Honour Roll Alumni and Ambassadors

If you are an Honour Roll inductee, you can become an ambassador of the program at any time.

Register your interest in becoming an ambassador

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