Our gender equality strategy

Safe and Strong is our gender equality strategy. It sets out our vision for gender equality in Victoria and the actions we'll take to get there.

Our vision

All Victorians live in a safe and equal society. They have access to equal power, resources and opportunities. They are treated with dignity, respect and fairness.

All Victorians recognise that gender equality is essential to economic prosperity. They understand that gender inequality has significant economic costs.

Victoria leads the way in gender equality with sustained, enduring and measurable action.

Our goals

In Safe and Strong, we set measurable goals and progressive targets for change across four areas:

Our Minister

Our work on Safe and Strong was led by the then Minister for Women, the Honourable Natalie Hutchins and supported by current Minister for Women, Gabrielle Williams.

Our council

The Ministerial Council on Women’s Equality provides expert advice on Safe and Strong.

Read the full strategy

You can read the full gender equality strategy and download the PDF via the link.

Reviewed 19 December 2019

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