Remembering Stella Young

Set in her home town of Stawell, Remembering Stella Young is a life size bronze statue that aims to continue Stella’s legacy to educate and challenge the community on its perception of disability, and to strive for “a world where disability is not the exception, but the norm”.

The piece was brought to life in the Northern Grampians by a collective of four artists with lived experience of disability. Artists Sarah Barton, Fayen D’Evie, Jillian Pearce and Janice Florence, together with local sculptor Danny Fraser, worked in close collaboration with Stella’s parents Lynne and Greg Young, consulting on everything from the design, the site and interactive elements.

Accessibility and inclusivity were at the heart of its design - the statue sits on a circular slab at ground level and includes interactive elements such as motion-activated sensors that give audio descriptions of the statue, a braille plaque and QR codes that enable visitors to access online videos and auditory components.

Artists: Creative Collective: Sarah Barton. Fayen D’Evie, Janice Florence, Jillian Pearce, with consultant Danny Fraser.

Location: Cato Park, Stawell, Northern Grampians Shire

Visit the accessible website Remembering Stella Young to find out more about Stella Young. The website was created as a part of this project.

Stella Young was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in 2017. Read more about Stella Young.

A small clay sculpture of Stella Young. On the wall behind are photos of Stella, which are the inspiration for the sculpture.

Sculptor Daniel Fraser and Lynne Young, Stella's Mum, touching up the hair on the clay sculpture of Stella.

An artisan prepares the clay sculpture for creating the silicone moulding.

An artisan carefully removes the silicone moulding from the clay sculpture of Stella Young.

At the foundry, molten bronze is poured very carefully in to the moulds. The three artisans are clad in protective gear including aprons, gloves and visors.

The finished statue of Stella Young at the foundry. All the pieces of the statue have been welded and the statue polished.

The Remembering Stella Young statue is unveiled. Lynne, Stella's Mum, kisses the head of the statue, as the Young family is gathered behind.

The Women's Public Art Program complements the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, which celebrates women's outstanding leadership and contributions to life in Victoria.

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