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We're helping Victorians to nominate exceptional women for Australian Honours. Nominate a woman today with our easy to use toolkit.

Women at workshop event
Women at workshop event

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We're making it easier for everyday Victorians to recognise their achievements by nominating them for Australian Honours.

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Victorian women say thank you

In September 2019, recipients of the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours were presented with their Order of Australia medals, by the Governor at official ceremonies at Government House, Melbourne.

There are so many exceptional women in our lives whose contributions enrich their communities and Australian society as a whole. You know one. We all do. Yet so many women don’t believe they are worthy of recognition, or they have times when they doubt themselves. We spoke with women recipients of the Queen’s Birthday Honours and were surprised that even these remarkable women had experienced imposter syndrome. We asked these women what imposter syndrome means to them and why recognition matters.

In April 2019, recipients of the 2019 Australian Day Honours were presented with their Order of Australia medals, by the Governor at official ceremonies at Government House, Melbourne.

Nominations for Australian Honours are anonymous and recipients are not notified of who their nominator is. We asked some of these recipients to thank their nominator, highlight the direct link between nominations of women and awards for women, and to encourage more members of the public to nominate outstanding Victorian women.

How to nominate

Nomination process for Australian Honours includes research, contacting referees, writing the nomination and submitting online
  • All nominations are confidential - you should not tell your nominee that you’re nominating her.
  • After you have submitted the nomination it may take 1 to 2 years for the Secretariat to decide whether or not to award an Honour to the nominee. You will be notified either way.
  • You do not have to write an essay: bullet points are an easy way to list your nominee’s achievements.
  • Referees should agree to support the nomination, but they do not need to write anything as part of the initial submission – they will be contacted by the Council for the Order of Australia if required.
  • Nominations can be completed as a group, which may make gathering the information you need easier.

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Nomination toolkit

Everything you need to get started, including an email template for contacting referees and sample of the nomination form with tips.

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Why recognition matters

Women at event
  • Men have consistently received around 70% of the awards since the Order of Australia was established in 1975.
  • Women receive less than one third of award nominations.
  • Acknowledging the contributions of Australian women is critical to closing the gender gap and placing women’s achievements on the public record.
  • The Victorian Government is working with industry leaders and community advocates to increase nominations of women for Australian Honours.

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Reviewed 04 November 2019

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