Appointment and remuneration guidelines

Processes and principles for appointing and remunerating members of Victorian government entities including boards, panels, commissioners and similar offices.

These guidelines outline Victoria's standard processes for appointing people to government boards and offices. They also provide guidance about recommended pay rates for government appointments.

These guidelines apply to appointments to a number of different entities, for example: 

  • boards
  • advisory councils
  • trusts
  • commissioners

Generally speaking, the guidelines apply to appointments made by ministers or the Governor-in-Council. They don't apply to the employment of public sector staff, school councils and most judicial appointments.

The guidelines cover:

  • recruitment and selection
  • probity checks and declarations of private interests
  • setting pay for government appointments
  • the process for getting an appointment approved
  • privacy and data protection

The Guidelines include some template forms, which departments can use when coordinating appointments.

Guidelines (effective from 1 July 2020)

The remuneration levels in schedules A, B and C have been updated.

Download the full guidelines in Word format:



Download just the declaration of private interests template (appendix 1):

Download just the privacy consent form template (appendix 2):

Reviewed 20 August 2020

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