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The Industry Collaboration Award recognises exemplary skills development collaborations between at least one employer/industry body and at least one organisation delivering nationally recognised vocational education and training.

The winner of this award receives $5,000 in prize money and a 2022 Victorian Training Awards trophy. They will also be nominated to represent Victoria at the Australian Training Awards.


  • This award recognises and celebrates exemplary skills development collaborations between industry and the vocational education and training sector
  • Collaborations must be between at least one employer/industry body and at least one organisation who delivers nationally recognised vocational education and training
  • Organisations must demonstrate a genuine and shared agreement (either formal or informal) to cooperate and work together for mutual benefit. Collaborations typically will not include transactional or service delivery arrangements or partnerships where financial and cost arrangements are a defining characteristic
  • Selection criteria—outstanding practice of the collaboration, achievements of the collaboration for training, training impacts of the collaboration and sustainability and future of the collaboration
  • Apply through a written application
  • Help with your application is available through the writing assistance service and our team is happy to answer any questions you have


You must:

  • Have at least one party who is an industry organisation (e.g. employer, enterprise, group of enterprises, industry association, industry advisory body, trade union or professional association)
  • Have at least one party who is delivering nationally recognised vocational education and training or directly contributing to the outcomes of nationally recognised vocational education and training which leads to formal qualifications or Statements of Attainment under the Australian Qualifications Framework

Applications will not be accepted from organisations operating under contractual ‘partnership’ arrangements.

What you'll need to apply

There are 3 parts to the application:

  • Overview – 500-word limit. (includes a brief description of your organisation, products/services offered, milestones achieved and so on). This information is not used for judging purposes.
  • Responses to the Selection Criteria – 800-word limit for each response.
  • Supporting Evidence
    • Up to 5 relevant photographs showcasing the organisation or initiative
    • Signed copy of the Business Endorsement by the CEO/MD
    • Full-colour logo.

How to apply for this award

Register/Log in via the Award Force portalExternal Link .

Selection Criteria

Criterion 1: Outstanding practice of the collaboration

Tell us about:

  • what is the basis of the collaboration partner’s agreement that have been so successful?
  • what specific training need is being addressed by the collaboration?
  • what exemplary or innovative aspects are a feature of the training collaboration?

Criterion 2: Achievements of the collaboration for training

Tell us about:

  • what are examples of excellence in the training delivered?
  • what training outcomes have been achieved (including qualifications and skill sets awarded)?
  • what improvements in the quality of learning and assessment have been implemented?
  • what, if any, new or improved career pathways and opportunities have been created?

Criterion 3: Training impacts of the collaboration

Tell us about:

  • how has the collaboration benefited the participants, the community, and the collaborating organisations and the broader training system?
  • what improvements in the processes/procedures of all collaborating organisations have been implemented?
  • what contribution is there to social equity, especially increasing the participation of people from groups underrepresented in the industry or workplaces?

Criterion 4: Sustainability and future of the collaboration

Tell us about:

  • what, if any, aspects of the collaboration utilises government funding? If so, how could the collaboration be continued if government funding ceased?
  • how can the outcomes of the collaboration be replicated or modelled for other industries?
  • what quality improvement/performance evaluations of the collaboration that are in place and planned?

What the judges are looking for

The judges are looking for clear and relevant examples of your collaboration’s achievements in its training.

The Victorian Training Awards are full of wonderful nominees doing great work in their training, so the judges are keen to hear all about it! Be proud of your collaboration and tell us clearly what it has achieved!

Check out the writing assistance section of this guide for some tips and tricks about how to get your message across.

Additional information

Collaboration vs partnership

A ‘collaboration’ is where 2 or more entities work together to achieve shared goals.

A ‘partnership’ is a business structure where 2 or more parties enter a contractual relationship in which they can legally share profits, risks and losses according to terms set out in their partnership agreement.

The key difference between a collaboration and a partnership is that parties who work collaboratively do not necessarily need to be bound contractually. This award is to recognise outstanding collaborations, not partnerships.

Reviewed 23 March 2022

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