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The Lynne Kosky Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement is presented in recognition of an individual’s outstanding leadership and contribution to the Victorian TAFE and training sector for more than 15 years.

A contribution may be a new innovation, new knowledge, or ways to improve professional practice deemed to be above and beyond the everyday with a long-lasting impact within the sector.


The nomination follows the eligibility set by the Australian Training Awards.

The nominated individual must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Have made a positive impact on the TAFE and training sector
  • Be recognised by other industry, training, education or employer groups; and have the respect of professional peers
  • Be acknowledged as having reached a pinnacle of their profession or industry
  • Have demonstrated, over an extended period of time, a contribution which has included either research, industry achievement, professional leadership and service to the TAFE and training sector
  • Have demonstrated high-level personal integrity
  • Have exhibited leadership and provided inspiration to others in the TAFE and training sector
  • Have positively influenced the TAFE and training sector in Victoria
  • Have made significant and fundamental contributions and be able to demonstrate a lifetime commitment to the TAFE and training sector.

This award has unique nomination procedures and eligibility:

  • Individuals cannot self-nominate for this award category. Nominations must be made on behalf of an individual
  • Nominees do not need to be currently employed to be eligible for this award
  • Once an individual has been nominated for the award, they become an enduring nominee and, if not successful initially, are eligible for consideration for this award in subsequent years
  • A posthumous nomination can be made for this award.


Provide a short overview of the person, their achievements, and the reason for the nomination.

This information will not be considered or used for assessment purposes, but it may be used as summary of the person throughout the nomination process.

(Limit: 400 words)

How to apply for this award

Register/Log in via the Award Force portal.External Link

Selection criteria

Criterion 1: History of service

Consider the nominee’s history of service to the VET and skills sector - in particular, positions of leadership the nominee has held such as on boards or as chair of committees. Any other known history in the sector, such as participation on committees and workgroups, and any examples of the nominee representing the VET and skills sector officially as a liaison to other organisations or at state, national or international meetings. Additionally, consideration is given to an individual’s broader contributions to the VET and skills sector.

(Limit: 800 words)

Criterion 2: Significant contribution and positive influence on the VET and skills sector

Consider the nominee’s significant contribution(s) to the advancement of vocational education and training practice and skills development, including teaching or training positions or programs, awards or recognition from professional or industry groups and institutions, and/or innovative approaches to difficulties. How will the nominee’s story inspire others to higher standards in their work or to raise the communities’ perception of the VET and skills sector?

(Limit: 800 words)

Criterion 3: Leadership

The nominee’s leadership in the field of vocational education and training including, but not limited to, positively influencing policy or practice on a state, national or international level.

This may include Government committees and workgroups, advocacy, senior positions, other training, mentoring or committee participation. How have they “made a difference” in some way?

(Limit: 800 words)

Reviewed 23 March 2022

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