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A message from Craig Robertson, CEO of the Victorian Skills Authority

As the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Skills Authority, I am delighted to declare nominations open for the 2022 Victorian Training Awards.

The Victorian Training Awards are the state’s most prestigious awards for vocational education and training.

Whether you are a student, teacher, employer or training provider, winning a Victorian Training Award can provide a boost to your career or the reputation of your organisation.

The nomination process gives you as individual applicants the opportunity to reflect on the highlights of your learning journey so far, and it can also inspire you to reach for your next career opportunity or simply further develop your skills and learning in your chosen field. Acknowledging your own progress, celebrating your successes and enjoying the experiences are all crucial parts of building a career through continued skills development.

As a training organisation or an employer, the application process allows for reflection on organising for success.

As we in the Victorian Skills Authority embark on our first year, our task will be to understand job and career ambitions and the current and emerging needs of industry. We will gather evidence to build forecasts highlighting workforce needs that are contemporary and meaningful. We will provide a solid foundation of reliable information and a clear sense of the strategic direction for the vocational education and training system so students, training providers, employers and industry can work collaboratively to benefit the economic growth and social prosperity of all Victorians.

While I and my colleagues get to work on that mission of continuing to improve Victoria’s world-class vocational education and training system, I hope you take a moment to consider how much you have invested into building your career and how much you have developed over the course of your training journey.

I wish you all the best in nominating for the 2022 Victorian Training Awards.

Craig Robertson
Chief Executive Officer
Victorian Skills Authority

A message from Xavier Csar, CEO of the Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery

One of the most important aspects of the Victorian Training Awards is the awards’ recognition of the outstanding achievement of individuals and organisations, including student excellence.

The Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery is committed to supporting a network of TAFEs and dual-sector universities to meet the needs of Victorians across the state.

By working together with our 12 TAFEs and 4 dual sector universities, we will strengthen the quality of courses that get students the training they need for the jobs they want.

The outcome is that students, together with their teachers, training providers, employers, and industry representatives, have the opportunity to succeed.

Dr Xavier Csar
Chief Executive Officer
Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery

Reviewed 23 March 2022

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