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5. Managing Complaints

Justice of the Peace Handbook

5.1 Complaints and removal from office

The department often receives feedback from members of the public and from organisations where JPs conduct their services. Most often this feedback is positive but there are occasions when the department receives complaints about JPs.

The review of complaints is carried out in accordance with the Guideline on the Handling of Complaints against Honorary Justices.

Complaints can be made by any person, including an honorary justice who wishes to make a complaint about another honorary justice. If you believe there are grounds for a complaint against an honorary justice, please bring it to our attention in writing.

A complaint may be about your behaviour when performing your role as a JP, or your behaviour as a private citizen, or that your behaviour has brought the office of justice of the peace into disrepute.

Complete this form to register a complaintExternal Link about the conduct of an honorary justice in Victoria.

5.2 Ceasing to hold office

You cease to hold office as a JP by resigning, by becoming bankrupt, ceasing to be an Australian citizen, no longer residing in Victoria, or if you are removed from office.

5.3 Grounds for removal from office

The grounds for removal of an honorary justice from office are:

  • committing serious or repeated breaches of the code of conduct
  • failing to comply with a direction to undertake training or professional development
  • failing to comply with a direction or request of the department authorised by the Honorary Justices Act 2014External Link
  • failing to carry out your duties
  • being found guilty or convicted of an offence punishable, in Victoria, by imprisonment of 6 months or more
  • losing the physical or mental capacity to discharge the duties of office
  • engaging in misconduct or misbehaviour sufficient to justify removal
  • bringing the office of honorary justice into disrepute
  • no longer ordinarily residing in Victoria.17


[17] Section 33, Honorary Justices Act 2014External Link

More information on managing complaints

Further information is available on handling complaints, with links to procedures and forms.

Handling complaints on website

Reviewed 04 June 2023

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