Document signing stations (DSS)

What are Document Signing Stations (DSS)?

Document signing stations provide the community with convenient access to Justices of the Peace. They are located in public locations including police stations, libraries, community centres and neighbourhood houses.

How to join

Joining a DSS is recommended for both new and experienced JPs to create strong relationships and networks within the Honorary Justices community. Contact Honorary Justices Services Support at to connect you with the DSS Coordinator to support you joining the DSS roster.

Find a DSS near you

Starting a new DSS

If a JP identifies a need to open a new DSS location, please contact HJSS at with information on where and when the new DSS could be open and why you believe this will benefit the community.

Please note, we must receive notification in writing of intent to establish a new DSS before we can advertise the new location on the Department of Justice and Community Safety’s website.

Note - It is recommended that you reach out to HJSS prior to liaising with a potential location.

Resources for DSS

Insurance certificates

Certificate of Currency
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Certificate of Currency Combined Liability
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Certificate of Currency Policy Schedule
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