6. Locating a JP

Justice of the Peace Handbook

6.1 Document Signing Stations

A Document Signing Station (DSS) is located in a public space such as a police station, library or council office. The department encourages JPs to establish DSS groups in places such as libraries, hospitals, and educational facilities.

These signing stations are coordinated by local JPs and operate on a structured rostering basis to ensure flexibility and responsive services. They are a central location for JPs to provide services and may on occasion be equipped with photocopying facilities to assist you in your role.

You can find the contact details for specific DSS locations on the ‘Find a JP’ website or email jp@justice.vic.gov.au. If you are interested in joining an existing DSS or would like to set one up, please contact us at jp@justice.vic.gov.au

6.2 Public listings of JPs

As a JP, your full name, registration number, preferred availability, language(s) spoken and contact number(s) will be included in the ‘Find a JP’ listings at www.justice.vic.gov.au.

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