Update your details or availability for Justice of the Peace duties

Your responsibility to be active and available as a JP

The Honorary Justices Act requires that Justices of the Peace be reasonably active and available to the general public.

This means that, unless there are exceptional circumstances, your contact details must be included on the Find a Justice of the Peace search.

Update your contact details

Notify us of changes to your contact details within 21 days.

  1. Check your details at Find a Justice of the Peace
  2. Email us your change of details.

Change your availability

Please email your request through to HJSS.

If you need your contact details temporarily removed from the ‘Find a Justice of the Peace’ service

If you are temporarily unable to provide JP services and would like your contact details removed from the service, please contact HJSS. A temporary exemption may be granted for up to 12 months for reasons including compassionate circumstances, ill health, or travel. Please send the request through to jp@justice.vic.gov.au(opens in a new window) and give an estimated timeframe for the exemption.

If you need your contact details indefinitely removed from the ‘Find a Justice of the Peace’ service

There may be exceptional circumstances that warrant an indefinite exemption from the service. Such circumstances may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • You are also a bail justice
  • You have safety concerns for you or close friends/family
  • You are the subject for protection of a Family Violence Safety Notice (FVSN), a Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) or a Personal Safety Intervention Order (PSIO)

If you need an indefinite exemption, please apply to the HJSS Manager via email or post. The application must be a statutory declaration and:

  • Outline the reason for your request
  • Detail how you will continue to provide your JP services
  • Include any other relevant material to support an exemption

Each application will be assessed by the Manager of HJSS, and you will be informed of the outcome of the application within five business days.

If you no longer require an exemption from the site, please direct the request in writing to jp@justice.vic.gov.au