Case study: From the army to emergency management

After 22 years in the ADF, Mike left the army in 2017 for a management role at Emergency Victoria.

Mike Freeman - Veteran

Mike Freeman

Manager, Emergency Management Victoria

What veterans bring to the public service

'ADF members are exposed to leadership and management challenges early in their careers. They have relatively highly refined people management and teamwork skills. Veterans and ex-ADF members face significant challenges in their service. They adapt very quickly to new environments.'

They bring a pragmatic and outcomes-focussed approach to problem-solving.

'It’s important to understand that the public sector can recruit from anywhere directly into almost any position. So although the VPS has a rank structure, don’t get too focussed on it. The backgrounds, sector experiences and skills of your colleagues, across all levels, will surprise you.'

Mike's work history

Mike underwent officer training at the Australian Defence Force Academy and then the Royal Military College Duntroon in the 1990s. As an Armoured Corps officer, he spent the majority of his Army career leading, training and managing armoured vehicle crews at various levels of seniority across Australia.

More recent roles have been as an HR manager, as a director of training and development and as the senior Australian officer on an overseas mission. Mike has served in East Timor, on border protection operations, and two tours of Afghanistan. After 22 years in the ADF, Mike left the army in January 2017.

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