Financial help

Help for people and businesses affected by the October 2022 Victorian floods and Bogong landslip.

After the October 2022 Victorian floods, a range of financial supports were available to address immediate needs and early recovery issues.

Financial help for students and small businesses is currently available.

For students

If you're experiencing ongoing financial hardship, you should contact your child's school to talk about cost-support options. This includes the option of getting help through State Schools’ Relief.

State Schools’ Relief can support with the cost of essential school supplies, including:

  • uniforms
  • footwear
  • stationary packs
  • digital items such as internet USB dongles and headphones.

If you are a parent or carer and you need financial help with the above items, please discuss your needs with your:

  • school principal
  • assistant principal, or
  • welfare/wellbeing coordinator.

Schools can apply directly, via the SSR online portal, whenever they believe there is a need to support a student whose family or carers are facing difficulty in providing:

  • the appropriate uniform
  • footwear, or
  • educational items for attending school.

Find out more at Support for students and their families affected by the floods.

For businesses

Business Recovery Advisory Service

The Business Recovery Advisory Service provides expert guidance and tailored support to small businesses affected by the October 2022 Victorian floods and Bogong landslip.

The service offers free and confidential one-on-one support to flood and landslip-affected business owners from a local Business Recovery Adviser. You can access the service via telephone, online or in-person.

Find out more by visiting the Business Recovery Advisory Service.