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How to access the Grants Portal

Instructions on how to access the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Grants Portal when applying for a Multicultural Grant Program.

Applying for a grant?

Before you get started, read:

  • the grants program guidelines to check that you or your organisation is eligible to apply
  • how to write a grant application
  • head to the Grants Portal and follow steps 1 to 8

Continuing a draft application?

Step 1: Log in with your username and password

Your username will be your email.

Step 2: Confirm your organisation’s eligibility

Click ‘Yes’.

Step 3: Start your application

Make sure you define:

  • what your grant project is
  • when, where and how it will be implemented
  • who it is for
  • budget
Computer screen with login fields

Step 4: Save your draft application

Click ‘Save as draft’ before closing your browser. If submitting your application now go to Step 7.

Step 5: Check your email

If you’ve saved your draft application, you’ll have received a confirmation email with a:

  • URL to your draft grant application
  • Unique Grant Application (GA) number

Step 6: Log back into the Grants Portal

To finish your application:

  • click the link in the confirmation email you received
  • or, go to the Grants Portal

Step 7: Finish your application

Read over your application and make sure you’ve responded to all application questions.

Step 8: Receive confirmation email

Once you’ve saved and submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Remember to keep a record of:

  • your GA-number
  • a copy of your application
  • a copy of your confirmation email