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Red tape unit

Help us identify opportunities to improve regulation and cut red tape.

Better Regulation Victoria (BRV) works with businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Victoria to identify opportunities to improve regulation and cut red tape.

We look for opportunities to:

  • improve regulators' interaction with business, including compliance and enforcement
  • cut duplicated requirements and regulatory overlap
  • identify "hotspots" for regulatory reform
  • improve the way regulators administer regulations

Some examples of unnecessary red tape include:

  • too much paperwork
  • slow approvals processes
  • requests for unnecessary information
  • the same information being requested by multiple regulators
  • unreasonable rules or processes
  • multiple regulators overseeing the same activity

Note: Coronavirus and regulation

The Red Tape Unit supports businesses in their interactions with regulatory frameworks, particularly in terms of red tape or unnecessary regulatory burden. We often assist businesses as they seek to comply with regulatory requirements, often at more than one level of government.

The current landscape is particularly challenging and we encourage businesses to contact us for clarity about regulatory requirements, or alert us of a red tape issue.

Contact us by telephone on 03 7005 9772, by email at, or by completing the form below.

Tell us your red tape issue

If you are experiencing an issue with red tape, please make a submission using the form below.

We'll work with you to engage regulators at a senior level and request further information or clarity. We will advise them of the issue and discuss ways to resolve it.

We won't share your personal details with other government agencies without your permission.

Before making a submission, please ensure that:

  • you are, or work for, a business directly experiencing the issue
  • you are experiencing a red tape issue with a Victorian regulator (Victorian Government department or agency)
  • you have already tried to resolve the issue by contacting the regulator directly
  • the issue is not subject to any current legal proceedings
Tell us which regulations or requirements are the issue and what government bodies are responsible.
Describe in general terms what impacts these regulations or requirements have on your business. For example, do they require extra reporting, cause delays, or prevent you from doing things in your business?
For example, local city, town, council area or region. If the issue affects all areas of the state, write ‘Statewide’
For example, local council area or region
What changes do you suggest? How would changes impact your business?
Collection notice

The Department of Government Services collects the information that you provide with this form on behalf of Department of Treasury and Finance. The information that you provide is used to respond to your enquiry. You can request access to, and corrections of, any personal information provided in this form. Requests for access or correction should be sent to
For more information on our handling of any personal information, please refer to the Department of Treasury and Finance privacy statementExternal Link .

If you do not provide all or part of the information requested, we may not be able to contact you regarding your enquiry. Please contact the Department of Treasury and Finance if you wish to use an alternative mechanism to the online form.

Reviewed 20 May 2020

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