Regulatory Impact Statements

Victorian departments and agencies prepare Regulatory Impact Statements (RISs) for new and sunsetting Regulations.

The Government Department or agency preparing a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) or other regulatory impact assessment is required to publish its availability in the Government Gazette and in a daily newspaper with wide circulation in Victoria. The document is also usually listed on their own website or the Engage Victoria website.

Better Regulation Victoria (BRV) also publishes RISs and the Commissioner's independent assessment of their adequacy on this website, for regulatory proposals from the past ten years. This includes RISs and assessment letters completed prior to 21 September 2015, which were assessed by the former Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission.

Final Regulations are published on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary documents website.

If you are looking for a particular RIS, or for one completed before 2011, please contact us at