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Health care

It’s forecast that 83,324 new workers will be needed in the health care and social assistance industry in Victoria by 2026.*

Across Victoria, the demand for workers with health care skills is increasing. Demand is especially high in regional and rural areas. Technology is changing health care. The industry needs workers who can upskill to adapt. Investments in hospitals, care providers and facilities are also driving growth.

Victoria’s population is ageing. Our health care needs will increase, and with that comes pressure on the system.

Most jobs in health care need a qualification. Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses offer plenty of opportunities. For example, there are jobs in hospitals, clinics and pathology services. Mental health and allied health care workers are also in urgent need.

If you’re passionate about health care and enjoy helping others thrive, this industry could be for you.

Explore the information below to learn more about working in the health care industry.

Training and careers in health care

Health care career stories

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* Health care is part of the health care and social assistance industry. 

Statistics source: Victorian Skills Authority Employment Forecast Dashboard.