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Transport and logistics

Investments in road, rail, air and sea transport are creating thousands of transport and logistics jobs in Victoria.

It’s forecast that 22,661 new workers will be needed in the transport, postal and warehousing industry in Victoria by 2026.*

Transport and logistics is growing in Victoria. With manufacturing on the rise, Victoria’s freight and storage needs are going up. Online shopping means more deliveries. Investments in public transport are creating jobs. Tourism and travel are also on the rebound, creating opportunities for airport and airline workers.

The industry has a wide range of roles available of different levels. Technical knowledge helps, and a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course can put you on the right pathway. For example, if you’re a truck or bus driver, you need to know how your vehicle works. You need to be able to perform basic maintenance. If you’re in logistics, you need to know how to strategise and find creative ways to be efficient.

A VET qualification can open doors to start a career in transport and logistics. It can also help you upskill to move around into different areas of the industry.  

If you’re looking for opportunity, transport and logistics is an excellent choice. Explore the information below to learn more about working in transport and logistics.

Training and careers in transport and logistics

Transport and logistics career stories

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* Note transport and logistics is part of the transport, postal and warehousing industry. 

Statistics source: Victorian Skills Authority Employment Forecast Dashboard.