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Supporting recovery after the storm

Shane and Diana's story

Warning: The content on this page discusses floods, storms, and bushfires.

This may be distressing for some individuals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the emotional effects of these events, please see our Mental health and wellbeing support page.

The June 2021 Residential Flood and Storm Clean-up program coordinated a team of experts to support residents on their recovery journey.

When the June 2021 Flood and Storm hit the Daylesford community, Diana and Shane had only just taken over the management of the Lake Jubilee Holiday Park 2 months prior.

The damage caused by the storms was unbelievable. Diana and Shane were overwhelmed by the thought of restoring order to the holiday park.

Council sent out people to start restoring power, clearing the roads that access the property and making sure the area was safe. The army was deployed to the site to lend a hand.

Later, Emergency Recovery Victoria (ERV) came on site shortly after to support Diana and Shane’s recovery journey and coordinate the clean-up.

In partnership with Johns Lyng Group, the ERV Clean-up program covers the demolition and removal of structures on eligible properties that were damaged beyond repair by the storms, like the Lake Jubilee Holiday Park.

The devastation the storm left behind was overwhelming, but with the help of the Residential Storm and Flood Clean-up program, Diana and Shane were able to re-open the park in time for summer.

Pictured: Shane and Diana, managers of the Lake Jubilee Holiday Park talking to our film crew about their experience during the storm.

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