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Transforming green waste into usable timber products at Romsey

A new standard for sustainable processing of fallen trees and storm debris has been set at the Romsey Green Waste Facility.

Emergency Recovery Victoria (ERV) Chief Executive Officer Mariela Diaz said the facility, which is a partnership between ERV and Macedon Ranges Shire Council, has been an integral part of ERV’s residential flood and storm clean-up program, clearing, processing, and making best use of the beautiful trees.

Pictured: Emergency Recovery CEO, Mariela Diaz, visits the Romsey green waste treatment plant.

“It was really important that ERV found an innovative solution to manage the large volumes of high value wood, particularly Mountain Ash, from the June 2021 flood and storm event.

“It has transformed the way storm debris is managed in Victoria – every part of the tree is being put to good use.

“Since its opening in August 2021, the team have processed tens of thousands of tonnes of trees and storm debris, which have been returned to the community as timber, fence posts, sleepers, stakes, firewood, root balls, mulch, and sawdust.

Pictured: Machinery at the Romsey green waste treatment plant.

The Emergency Recovery Victoria (ERV) Residential Clean-up program covers the demolition and removal of any structures or hazardous trees threatening residents, work crews and structures, on eligible residential properties.

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