Government campaign advertising planned for 2019-20

Victorian Government Advertising Plan 2019-20
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All campaign advertising undertaken by the Victorian Government during 2019–20 fulfilled one of five priority areas for government communications:

  1. To promote public safety, personal security and behaviour change
  2. To promote social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit within the general public
  3. To promote commercial and economic development within the state
  4. To generate revenue for public sector bodies or for the state through consumption of products, services or events delivered by or in partnership with public sector bodies
  5. To promote compliance with legislative requirements.

These communication priority areas mirror those included in Part 5A of the Act, which establishes parameters for government advertising on television.

The chart below shows planned spending for each priority area as a proportion of the government’s overall expenditure on campaign advertising for 2019–20.

Public safety, personal security and behaviour change 62%; Commercial and economic investment 16%; Generation of revenue for institutions or events 15%; Social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit 5% and Compliance with legislative requirements 2%

More information about each priority area, including examples of significant advertising campaigns planned for 2019–20, is provided on the following pages.