Priority area 2: Social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit

Advertising in this priority area supports Victorians to participate in public life, engage with their community, understand their rights and responsibilities and contribute to Victoria’s many cultural, social and natural assets.

Priority area 2 Social cohesion civic pride and community spirit 5%

Priority area 2: Social cohesion, civic pride and community spirit 5%

These include annual campaigns to celebrate Australia Day in Victoria and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of Victoria’s veterans.

Deadly Questions and Treaty

In 2019–20, the government continued its ‘Deadly Questions’ Treaty campaign, which aims to build greater understanding among all Victorians of what a Treaty between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people would entail. The campaign supports the government’s commitment to advancing Aboriginal self-determination and Treaty. A new campaign promoted the election of the First People’s Assembly of Victoria; the body that will negotiate a Treaty with the government.

Foster Care Attraction

This ongoing campaign aims to generate enquiries from potential foster carers and emphasises the need for carers from all walks of life, cultures and communities for children and young people.

Australia Day and veterans’ acknowledgement

Each year, the Victorian Government promotes celebration of Australia Day and acknowledges the service of Victoria’s veterans through several campaigns to increase community awareness and inform Victorians of opportunities to participate in various events.