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Advertising campaigns included in this report

This summary report includes a short description of each major government campaign reported for 2018–19 and a breakdown of the expenditure for each. Campaign expenditure is broken down by:

  • Advertising media expenditure – expenditure arranged through the Victorian Government’s MAMS media purchasing contract
  • Creative and campaign development expenditure – including advertising agency costs, creative development and production costs
  • Research and evaluation expenditure – including formative research, concept testing, benchmarking and tracking research, evaluation research and analysis
  • Print and collateral expenditure – includes design, printing, production, postage, distribution and warehousing costs
  • Other campaign expenditure – activity not included in the above categories.

Note that this report includes details of major government advertising campaigns for 2018–19. For an overview of all Victorian Government media advertising expenditure, including recruitment and functional advertising, refer to the Victorian Government Advertising Report 2018–19 at