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Victoria's child employment laws

Victoria's child employment laws


Victorian laws protect children from doing work that could harm their health and well-being.

Most businesses employing children need a licence and must comply with child safe standards.

In addition to a licence a child must be 11 to deliver newspapers and advertising material and 13 to do other types of work like retail or hospitality. There's no age limit for work in entertainment.

Businesses can apply for a licence online and must provide information about the business, the work the child will do, workplace risks or hazards and how they are mitigated and their history of compliance with child employment and workplace laws in Victoria.

Children must be supervised by someone who is at least 18 years old and holds a Victorian Working with Children Clearance.

There are restrictions on the type of work children can do, when they can work and for how long. In most cases children can't work before 6am, after 9 pm or during school hours.

During a school term children can work up to three hours a day and a maximum of 12 hours a week. During school holidays children can work for up to six hours a day and 30 hours a week.

They must also receive a 30-minute rest break after every three hours of work and have at least 12 hours break between shifts.

Victoria's child employment laws help keep children safe in the workplace.

For more information, head to the Wage Inspectorate Victoria website.