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Apply for a child employment permit

Apply for a free child employment permit via our online application process

Permit turnaround time

Permit applications and supporting documents must be submitted at least 5 business days before the child is scheduled to start work.

Applications received less than 5 days before the child’s scheduled start date may not be processed in time. In this case, their start date must be rescheduled as a child under 15 cannot begin work before a permit is issued.

How to complete an application

The permit application requires you to:

  • register for our Child Employment Portal or log in if you are already registered
  • list all duties the child will undertake
  • list any equipment the child will use or work near
  • identify risks relating to the child's employment and detail how you plan to mitigate them
  • upload relevant information, such as manuals or any documents relevant to the child's employment
  • upload the parental consent form
    • a consent form will be generated using the information you provide in your permit application. You should then download a copy, get the parent to sign it and attached the signed copy to your application
  • provide the name of the supervisor and their Working With Children Check (employee) number.

Please respond to the questions as thoroughly as you can. You can attach additional information if you need.

Register and start a permit application

Log in to start or continue a permit application

Identify and mitigate risks

WorkSafe provides guidance on identifying and managing risksExternal Link . You should consider the child's age and unique characteristics when identifying and mitigating risks.

We require detailed description of the risk mitigation strategies for work that involves:

  • repetitive bending and twisting
  • manually lifting heavy items
  • working with or near cooking or any other equipment which may produce a high temperature
  • working with sharp instruments or equipment, power operated tools and any other dangerous equipment
  • working near moving vehicles
  • working at heights
  • working with uncontrolled animals
  • working in extreme weather conditions
  • any other risks that you can identify at the workplace, taking into account that risks may be greater for children than adults.

Reviewed 12 January 2023

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