Child employment permits – entertainment and advertising

There are industry specific requirements for employing a child under 15 in entertainment and advertising.

Victoria's laws protect children from work that could harm their health or wellbeing.

There is no minimum age of employment in entertainment or advertising, however, you need an industry specific permit before you can employ a child under 15. This applies to both paid and unpaid work.

Employing a child without a permit is a crime and may attract penalty.

You must also comply with the Mandatory Code of Practice.

Information about the permit application process

Apply now via our online portal

Comprehensive guide to employing children in entertainment and advertising

The Guide to the Employment of Children in the Victorian Entertainment Industry provides comprehensive information on:

  • supervision of children
  • hours of employment
  • education and schooling
  • workplace conditions
  • the Mandatory Code of Practice.

Our role

At the Wage Inspectorate we:

  • provide information to employees, guardians and employers about child employment
  • proactively investigate non-compliance and penalise offenders
  • respond to complaints and tip-offs about non-compliance.

Report someone you suspect is breaking child employment rules using our online form or by calling 1800 287 287. You can remain anonymous.

If you have questions about child employment, email us or call 1800 287 287.

Reviewed 01 July 2021

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