DPC travel outcomes report: Daniel Andrews' 2018 travel to the US

Information about costs, purpose and outcomes of the Premier's travel to the United States in February 2018.

Minister’s name The Hon Daniel Andrews MP
Portfolio/s Premier of Victoria
Did the Minister’s spouse accompany the Minister in an official capacity? No
Accompanying Ministerial staff Lissie Ratcliff, Chief of Staff
Cameron Harrison, Director of Policy
Georgia Brumby, Senior Media Manager
Countries visited United States of America
Date of travel 22 to 27 February 2018
Number of official travel days (include day of departure and day of return) 6
Funding source (list Department/s or Agency) Premier’s Private Office and the Department of Premier and Cabinet
Air fares (including taxes and fees) $70,687.20
Accommodation (including taxes and fees) $6,082.40
Other expenses (including surface travel and travel allowances) $5,984.68
Travel cost for Minister and ministerial staff $82,754.28
Are the above costs final and complete?* No

Purpose of travel

From 22 to 27 February 2018, I travelled to the United States of America (US) to attend the National Governor’s Association (NGA) Winter Session, a high-profile annual meeting of US Governors. This year Australia partnered with the NGA to host a reception to launch the Winter Session and a number of surrounding events. The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and six of Australia’s first minsters were present at the NGA along with over 40 US Governors and a number of senior business leaders from the US and Australia. I attended to represent the State of Victoria.

The NGA provided a space to openly discuss a range of issues common to the US and Australia including international trade, defence and security. I met with a number of US Governors and prominent business leaders to strengthen international ties and promote Victoria’s key growth sectors including defence, cyber security and health and medical research. I also had a number of engagements with US defence primes outside of the NGA program.

Following the NGA program I travelled to New York to promote Victoria as a premier cultural tourism destination to US stakeholders in the creative industries.

Benefits of travel to the State of Victoria

The US is a significant partner for Victoria, representing our second largest two-way trade relationship and largest source of foreign direct investment. The visit was valuable in strengthening our close personal connection with the US. The visit enhanced Victoria’s engagement with the US through:

  • representing Victoria at the NGA and supporting the Australian delegation led by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull
  • strengthening key relationships with US government officials to support and grow trade and investment, share knowledge and overcome joint policy challenges
  • promoting Victoria’s expertise in defence, cyber security and medical research and technology, both to industry and government leaders
  • promoting Victoria’s cultural and creative industries and strengthening ties to stakeholders in New York

Innovation was the theme of the NGA Winter Session which provided a platform to share Victoria’s experience and approach to innovation. I was invited to speak at the International Plenary Session and have an open dialogue with US and Australian sub-national leaders. I discussed Victoria’s infrastructure investment and promoted Victoria’s expertise in defence, cyber security, medical research and innovation.

During the NGA program I met with a number of US Governors to strengthen our international ties. Subnational government engagement is essential to support and grow trade and investment, share knowledge, and overcome joint policy challenges. My engagement with US Governors was important for maintaining our close connection and demonstrating our continued commitment to the US.

I met with prominent business leaders to promote Victoria’s key growth sectors including defence, cyber security and health and medical research. The Australian Embassy hosted a forum with Australian and US business leaders. I engaged one-on-one with a number of US CEOs to promote Victoria as an attractive investment destination and trading partner and discussed areas of mutual interest.

Outside of the NGA program I had a number of engagements with key US defence primes including Lockheed Martin and Leidos to highlight Victoria’s defence sector capabilities and track record in manufacturing. These meetings provided the opportunity to promote Victoria as an ideal base and supply chain for delivering large defence projects, to bring more jobs and investment to Victoria.

In New York I met with key stakeholders in the creative industries to build Victoria’s reputation as a leading city for arts and culture.

Next steps

My visit advanced Victoria’s connection to the US through a number of high level government and business meetings. Our network of Victorian Government Trade and Investment offices across the Americas will continue to promote Victoria, build relationships and explore opportunities for trade and investment. Victoria will shortly host a US Congressional Delegation with a focus on asset recycling. Victorian Ministers will also build on engagement with the US in their portfolio areas.