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Integrated training on all three reforms

Training in the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and the Child Information Sharing Scheme, with a brief introduction to MARAM, commenced on 8 October 2018.

Initially, training is being provided as a two-day, face-to-face, multi-sector program in 25 locations across Victoria. It will target approximately 4000 ‘priority’ professionals across all prescribed phase one workforces. Priority professionals are those designated by their organisations as leaders or champions and those who will directly respond to information sharing requests. In addition to the face-to-face training, the training package will progressively be available in modular form via eLearn.

Departments will contact relevant organisational leaders about the allocation of prioritised learning places. Please visit www.infosharing.vic.gov.au/training for details on the locations and dates of the face-to- face training, including how to register.

Following the priority period further advice will be available on training programs for the remaining professionals and leaders prescribed under the family violence and child information sharing schemes.  


MARAM Framework training

In-depth MARAM training will be available early 2019. Delivery of this training will complement the integrated training. While the integrated training focuses on information sharing, with some context from MARAM, the in-depth MARAM training will have a deeper focus on risk assessment and management, a shared understanding of family violence, organisational and professional responsibilities under MARAM, and how to embed the MARAM into organisational processes. MARAM training will consist of organisational focused training followed by professional practice focused sessions.

In the interim, professionals are encouraged to continue developing their family violence risk assessment capabilities through existing CRAF training. Visit the Lookout for more information.

Email infosharing@familysafety.vic.gov.au for more information on the training schedule.