Training for information sharing schemes and MARAM

Integrated training on all three reforms

Family Safety Victoria and the Department of Education and Training are rolling out an integrated training package focused on the Family Violence Information Sharing (FVIS) and Child Information Sharing (CIS) schemes with an introduction to the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM).

Training packages consist of face-to-face training in 25 locations across Victoria and in digital format as a suite of eLearning modules.

Whole of Victorian Government Information Sharing Training Approach (ISTA) Whole of Victorian Government Information Sharing Training Approach (ISTA) PPT (213.14 KB)

Who should undertake training?

Information sharers and expert advisors (Sharers)

Sharers are professionals in prescribed organisations and services who require a detailed operational understanding of the information sharing reforms. They will share information regularly during daily work practices, or will be required to advise on information sharing practices within their organisation.

Organisational policy and leadership (Leaders)

Leaders are professionals in organisational policy and leadership roles within prescribed organisations and services who are accountable for information sharers and expert advisors, and who may also need to share information or approve the release of information. They will play a role in supporting the introduction of the schemes to their organisations and sectors.

Two-day face-to-face training program

Face-to-face training has commenced as a two-day, multi-disciplinary program. The face-to-face program targets approximately 4,000 priority professionals across all Phase One prescribed organisations and services. Priority professionals are those designated by their organisations as leaders or champions and those who will directly respond to information sharing requests.

Training dates and locations



Location Dates of training
CBD Completed
Footscray Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 November 2018
Keilor Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November 2018
Broadmeadows Completed
Coburg Wednesday 28 & Thursday 29 November 2018
Greensborough Monday 3 & Tuesday 4 December 2018
Lilydale Monday 12 & Tuesday 13 November 2018
Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 December 2018
Glen Waverley Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 November 2018
Dandenong Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 December 2018
Frankston Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 November 2018




Location Dates of training
Shepparton Completed
Benalla Completed
Seymour Completed
Bendigo Completed
Ballarat Completed
Geelong Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 November 2018
Colac Completed
Mildura Completed
Swan Hill Completed
Wodonga Completed
Hamilton Completed
Horsham Completed
Ararat Completed
Warragul Completed
Bairnsdale Completed


Registration information

Each organisation has approximately one Leader place and two Sharer places. Specific placement advice will be provided by your funding or contracting department.

Please do not register unless you have approval from your organisation to do so, as places are strictly limited.

Further advice on training for remaining Leaders and Sharers, beyond the initial 4,000 priority professionals, will be provided later this year.

Please visit the following links to register for face-to- face training:

Register for face-to-face training - Sharers


Register for face-to-face training - Leaders

Pre-training survey

Prior to attending training, please complete the following survey on your current experiences with sharing family violence related information:

Pre-training survey

The results of this survey will be used by the researchers at Monash University who are reviewing the operation of the FVIS Scheme.

e-learning modules

eLearning modules will commence roll-out from late October 2018. There will also be a number of modules customised to the needs of specific Phase One workforces.

Module 1: Introduction to the Information Sharing Reforms and MARAM Framework (Video)

This video introduces and provides an overview of the three Victorian Government reforms. provideIt outlines the general context and rationale for the information sharing reforms and MARAM – how they work and how they intersect with each other and MARAM, including where to obtain further information and support.

Watch video

Information on the remaining modules, including how to access the e-learn modules, is available on the Learning Management System (LMS) website.

Go to Learning Management System (LMS) website

Outline of eLearning Modules


Module Availability
Module 1: Introduction to the Information Sharing Reforms and MARAM Framework Available from the "Watch video" link above
Module 2: Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Schemes, and an introduction to MARAM Available
Module 3: Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme Coming soon
Module 3a: Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme in Practice Coming soon
Module 4: Child Information Sharing Scheme Coming soon
Module 4a: Child Information Sharing Scheme in Practice Coming soon
Module 6: Information Sharing Collaboration (face-to-face only) Not available online
Module 7: Information Sharing for Organisational Leaders Coming soon


MARAM training

In depth training on MARAM will be available later this year and will continue throughout 2019. Delivery of this training will complement the FVIS scheme and CIS scheme training.

If you have any questions about MARAM training please contact Family Safety Victoria via email:

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