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Governance structures

Understand typical governance structures relevant to a project, based on its size and complexity, that will help ensure appropriate oversight and decision-making to successfully deliver and maximise benefits realised.

The most appropriate governance structure for a project and the process for decision-making and oversight needs to recognise its characteristics, in particular its size and complexity. Exact governance structures will also be influenced by the specific oversight and approvals processes relevant to existing TAFE governance arrangements.

Governance structures need to incorporate relevant advisory and decision-making bodies, addressing both the TAFE’s internal oversight and approvals requirements for the project, as well as the level of expected broader government and third-party involvement.

Under the Commercial Guidelines – TAFE Institutes, it is recommended that the TAFE board (or relevant sub-committee) provide guidance on whether the governance arrangements are appropriate for the size, risk and type of activity prior to entering into a construction project.

However, to ensure best practice and appropriate decision-making, an appropriate project governance structure should be determined from the outset during the project definition, funding and approvals phase.