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Learn how to plan a procurement strategy and process, prepare tender documentation and select a contractor to complete the works.

Procuring the works

In this section, the procurement process refers to selecting a contractor to undertake the construction (or equipment installation) works. Process guidance on the engagement of specialist consultants is available.

Procurement requirements and best practice will vary depending on the project's size and complexity and the procurement model selected during the project definition, funding and approvals phase.

The procurement process

On gaining project funding and approval to start, confirm that the procurement strategy is still appropriate (agreed as part of the project approvals) and develop an overarching project plan and associated procurement, evaluation and probity sub-plans.

Once the procurement process is established, you can begin to prepare the tender documentation which will vary depending on the selected procurement model and go-to-market strategy.

After you have prepared the tender documentation, you are then able to release the tender and select the contractor.