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Social procurement framework

Learn about the Social Procurement Framework requirements for TAFE projects based on size.

Policy overview

The Social Procurement Framework (SPF) applies to all procurement activities undertaken by Victorian Government departments and agencies, including TAFEs.

The framework focuses on incorporating social and sustainable values into procurement activities to achieve the Victorian Government’s social procurement objectives and outcomes.

Project requirements

Project requirements under the SPF vary depending on its dollar value, regardless of the funding source. Projects must also be further classified as either ‘regional’ or ‘metropolitan or state-wide.

During procurement planning, you may be required to develop a social procurement plan if the project is valued over $20m. Smaller sized projects should also include Victorian Government social procurement objectives and outcomes within any general procurement planning. This will help you to:

  • understand responsibilities when approaching the market, and
  • ensure that the tender documentation outlines the requirements of tenderers under the SPF.

To ensure social procurement requirements are met, active contract management must be undertaken throughout project delivery. This includes liaising with contractors to supply relevant information as well as measuring and recording this information throughout project delivery. Specific measuring and reporting requirements can be found in section 7.2 of the Social Procurement Framework.