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Prepare tender documentation

Prepare tender documentation, including request for expression of interest and request for tender, to procure a contractor to deliver the works.

Types of tender documentation

A go-to-market strategy will identify the most appropriate approach to engaging with the market to deliver the project, including the approach to shortlisting market participants. The two most common types of tender documentation are a request for expression of interest (EOI) and a request for tender (RFT). The guidance outlined in this section relates to the procurement of a contractor to deliver the works. Guidance on the procurement of specialised consultants is also available.

For business-as-usual (BAU) and low complexity projects, depending on the go-to-market strategy, you may be able to conduct a single-phase, invited tender process. This may be possible where you are able to select a small number of potential participants from a pre-agreed preferred supplier panel (where respondents have been effectively screened for suitability to deliver the project requirements) to invite directly to respond to the RFT. If there is not a suitable pre-agreed preferred supplier panel, or an insufficient number of relevant suppliers within a panel, you may wish to conduct registration of interest (ROI) prior to the RFT Phase. This ROI would involve requiring tenderers to meet set criteria and provide some limited information regarding their past experience, financial strength and current capacity in a less extensive manner to an EOI.

For medium complexity and High-Value-High-Risk (HVHR) projects, the procurement process typically involves the use of an EOI phase, where EOI respondents demonstrate their capability and capacity for project delivery. Successful respondents from the EOI phase are then invited to respond to the RFT during which detailed binding project proposals are required.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the level of available in-house resources, you may wish to engage a consultant to assist in drafting the tender documentation.