Manage a TAFE construction project and roles and responsibilities post-completion.


The Delivery phase commences once funding is in place and the contract has been signed.

Construction works management will require the regular monitoring and reporting of budget, program and quality to ensure that the project remains on course for successful completion. This includes delivering the benefits envisaged in the project-need stage.

Post completion

After the contracted construction works are complete, you should continue to manage the project to ensure the services, equipment, systems and plant have been appropriately handed over and the authorised skilled contractors are available during the initial operations period. This will allow construction defects to be appropriately managed and ensure works meet contractual specifications during operations, without voiding warranties. During this phase, the project team will typically begin to handover the project to the facilities team.

As the project commences operations, the benefits identified in the business case should begin to be realised. It is important that you continue to actively optimise the benefits and record any key lessons learnt.

For high-value-high-risk projects, Gate 6 benefit realisation reviews typically occur 12-18 months after project completion and examine whether the benefits defined in the business case are being delivered. This time period should be confirmed with your OTCD representative.