Managing the contract

Understand common contract management events, contractual rights and obligations to administer a contract during the delivery phase.

The importance of managing the contract

Contract management is a key activity after the project contract is executed.

Contract management incorporates all the activities required to identify, monitor and mitigate all risks over the life of the contract to assist the TAFE in achieving its project objectives, intended benefits and maximise value for money.

Managing change during construction

Contract management includes activities such as:

  • managing payments during construction
  • managing change within thecontract, and
  • managing extensions of time (EOT).

Key contractual terminology

It is important to understand the key terms and roles specified in the contract to assist you in contract management. These include:

  • the role of the superintendent in construct-only and design and construct contracts
  • practical completion vs final completion, and
  • defects liability period.

Contracting arrangements

The project’s procurement strategy will determine contractual rights and obligations and impact how you manage the contract.

Further information about common procurement models is available.