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Governance and resourcing

Learn about appropriate governance structures and approvals processes, as well as typical project resourcing requirements, relevant to a TAFE project’s size and complexity across different stages of the project lifecycle.

Governance frameworks

Governance refers to the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes by which authority to make project decisions in directing and controlling a project is exercised, maintained and held to account.

An appropriate governance structure should be established in the project definition, funding and approvals phase with approval from the TAFE’s management or board, depending on project complexity. This will help ensure TAFE oversight of the realisation of project benefits. Further, a well-planned governance structure ensures that each person involved in the project understands their role, reporting requirements and the appropriate delegation of authority for approvals.

Resource the project

Resourcing, both internally and externally, ensures that the appropriate skills and project management capabilities are available, as required, across each project phase. 

At various points throughout the project, you should assess the in-house resourcing capacity to meet project governance requirements and support the successful delivery of the project. Where applicable, you may need to consider the use of specialised consultants to support existing in-house resources.