Brighton cladding rectification project

A project to remove and replace higher risk EPS cladding in Brighton, Victoria.

About this project

Location: Brighton
Rise in storeys: 3
Rectification solution: Full removal
Cladding type: Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
Independent Project Manager: PDS Group
Builder: Johns Lyng

“Cladding Safety Victoria performed an assessment on the building to determine the works that needed to occur and the financial support it would provide. When we received a call to inform us that CSV would fund the full rectification of the cladding, owners felt very lucky and grateful because otherwise it would have been a very significant cost which would have been really devastating. The project ran really smoothly from there. All of the builders were very friendly and all owners appreciated that they stuck to all of the COVID-Safe protocols on site.

Many people who have bought apartments at our building are first home owners, such as myself and my partner. To learn that you could be up for hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix combustible cladding was devastating. When CSV came on board and the State Government stepped in to provide support it lifted a huge emotional weight, knowing that we had financial support and also access to professionals who could manage the project with all of the various parties.

We feel very grateful because before CSV got involved it was truly so stressful and we had no idea what the future would look like for us. It’s really hard to plan for the future when you have potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs hanging over your head. It was stressful to spend money in general because for more than a year we were unsure if we’d have to fix the building ourselves. It was life changing to have the Victorian Government step in and fix this for us."

- Lucinda Patterson, OC Chair